April 22, 2019
Demand for my short scripts over this past year has been very strong. With such intense interest in the short script format, I adjusted my development schedule to direct more of my time to this medium. I outlined seven new short script projects and have been working on these screenplays parallel to my other projects.

I completed the first of these scripts a couple of weeks ago and have added it to the half-dozen short scripts already completed. My plan is to complete a short script every six to eight weeks, though much will depend on where I am with my novels and feature screenplays that I have in development. I am well into the second script, it should be completed in the next week.

The short script projects that I have in my queue include both stand-alone scripts and webseries episodes; all are low budget or ultra-low budget.

If you know anyone who might be interested in producing a short script, send them to my screenplays and short scripts websites. Screenplays will be added to the sites regularly as they are completed.

I am outlining a related side project... I will be adapting all the short scripts to short story format. I will then adapt these for the online reader on my subscriber-only page. All registered subscribers will be able to read these for free. More on these in a subsequent blog post and in my monthly newsletter.

April 19, 2019
This being the first entry in my author blog, first up I bid you welcome...

My plans for the blog are a bit open-ended, but I figure to use this site to talk about ongoing work on my literary and screenwriting projects, send out word on updates to my websites and my author platform, and provide heads-up on upcoming events and appearances.

I also hope to post regular entries about my hikes. As most of you know, I am rather fond of my northwest hikes and try to get out whenever I can. You can find more on my favorite mountains and other trails on my hiking website.

I don’t have a regular schedule in mind, but I should be posting blog entries a couple of times a week. You can put the link to the blog in your browser favorites. I will also have links on my author page and greybeard publishing websites and some of my social media platforms.